I’m OK, You’re OK #01, 2016
Installation view of reflections in adjacent mirror wall. Airspace Gallery, Marrickville, January 2016. Photographic credit, Nina Cholerton.


First impressions of my work are of a minimalist practice which when explored more closely, transforms into something other. Fluorescent tubes and panels of colour create patterns of light interspersed with reflective surfaces. Much of the work results from chance occurrences created by light, movement, surface treatment and the photographic. It explores how a temporal sense of time changing can occur within an object practice. I’m particularly interested in ideas relating to what I call the about to happen time which investigates the philosophical idea that through change and becoming, anything is possible.


My work expresses the intermediality of the photographic, the pictorial and the architectural. Everyday materials comprising different levels of opacity, reflectivity and finish together with digitised prints, fluorescent lights, electric cable and steel framing are used to create environments of possibility. Through the exploration of the idea of time changing, the work fundamentally explores the notion of transformative potentiality. My work asks for activated viewership and is open to a range of interpretations. It is non-specific, broad in its potential to comment on personal experience and employs a wide range of visual and emotional clues.