Becoming V Mendiburo, 2015

Three-dimensional spatial construction configured with a variety of art objects including painted canvases, light boxes, fluorescent tubes, acrylic sheets, lighting systems, frames, plywood panels, videos and digitised prints. 
Inventory of individual works. 
220 x 200 x 200cm 




Sophie, 2014

Installation Views, BVM with Sophie, December 2014 




P-S2/2, 2014

Series of digital prints of views of Sophie placed within BVM and set within the context of architectural space 




New Studio

Installation views looking through spatial construction






Constructed view of painted acrylic panel over aluminium frame with Spaceframe behind 




Old Studio, 2014

Digitised print face mounted on clear acrylic. 70 x 60cm 

Blurr, 2014

Three panels of printed and blurred views of After Scheibitz-II. 
23 x 23 cm 



Glad, 2014

Digitised print face mounted on clear acrylic of spray painted plastic wrap. 60 x 60cm 

Bath, 2014

Digitised print on clear acrylic. 60 x 60cm 



Rehearsal-1, 2014

Wall-mounted aluminium spatial construction with clear acrylic, fluorescent tubes and electrical cabling. 150 x 70 x 25 cm and variable dimensions 




Pink Box Series - White Light Box

Digitised print mounted on clear acrylic. 80 x 108 cm 



Pink Box Series - Window

Digitised print mounted on clear acrylic. 80 x 108 cm 

Hickson-III, 2013

Acrylic paint on polyester, with digitised print and gold painted frame. 104 x 104 cm 

Miniscule-1, 2013

Vinyl paint on polyester, 50 x 50cm placed on trolley.





Demountable aluminium trolley with paintings, cast acrylic with neon lights

220 x 200 x 60cm, NAS Gallery

Side view





Neon detail

Detail Gold Carat II, 2012

Foil-backed acrylic, fluoro acrylic, painted aluminium and blue neon on canvas

122cm x 1101cm



North Bondi Apartment, 2012

Acrylic on canvas, 122cm x 101cm

Lamp, 2012, Acrylic paint dripped onto linen shade on aluminium base

Aluminium Series - III, 2011

Spray painted plexiglass and folded aluminium foil on aluminium

60 cm x 60 cm on panel 

Paris Iron, 2011

Oil painting, plexiglass, mirror, plastic  ventilator and aluminium on panel placed on found ironing board with LED, dimensions variable



Looking to Springtime, 2011

Acrylic on canvas with clear plexiglass overlay and spray enamel
150 cm x 150 cm

Still in Love in Paris, 2011

Acrylic on canvas
150 cm x 150 cm